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History of the Bonding Issue

SOS-Coventry is delighted the Town Council proposed that Coventry join many of our neighboring towns by bonding a million dollars to purchase open space.  On Monday, August 18, 2014 the Town Council voted to send this proposal to a Public Hearing on the evening of Thursday, August 28th at 7 pm in the High School Lecture Hall.  All voters registered in Coventry were invited to this meeting to hear details of the bonding proposal, which was then committed to referendum to be decided on Election Day November 4, 2014.  Please vote in favor the bond.Your yes vote can help us leave a legacy of a beautiful town forever.  Please don't assume other people will vote for you.  We know from surveys that most people in Coventry do want to keep Coventry rural.  This can only be a reality if we come out and vote.  If you are not registered to vote in Coventry, you can register at the Town Clerk's office 860-742-7966.

The bonding proposal allows for purchasing property outright or purchasing development rights, thereby creating an easement on the property and creating a legal document which would permanently forbid anyone to develop the property. Each easement has its individual constraints. Farms are usually protected by easement. Other properties commonly are protected either by easement or by fee simple, which means the landowner sells ownership of the property to a municipality or a land trust. The town's intention is to preserve most of the land as farms or open space. Some land is regarded as possible recreational open space, such as a soccer field or a boat launch along the Willimantic river.

Owners of the properties being considering reached out to the town to express interest in selling their property or development rights.  The town is hoping more landowners will similarly come forward.  


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"...some worry that the region does not have the political muscle that other areas of the state can flex, and that eastern Connecticut could become a dumping ground for what no one else wants to live near.... It is a good time to be in eastern Connecticut, but the pressure here on the environment is not going to abate."

from "Still Quiet, Still Green" by Bob Wyss, The Hartford Courant, August 2008.






Mission Statement


We are a state-registered political action committee in the town of Coventry. We embrace residents' desire to preserve open space areas and save our town's rural character. We believe in keeping natural land as a vibrant part of town planning, and as a rich component of our lives. To this end, we take positions on open space issues and support political candidates of like mind. We also are an educational resource and watchdog group within our mission.